High Net Worth Divorces

High net worth divorce cases require the division of substantial marital assets with careful consideration of tax liabilities and complex assets, which makes the division of property challenging. Equitable division laws in New York require that marital property be divided “equitably,” but that does not always mean equally. All property acquired during the course of the marriage is considered marital property subject to division that occurs at the time of a divorce. The types of marital assets include:

  • Business ventures
  • Real estate investments
  • Multiple bank and investment accounts
  • Companies in the form of shell companies, LLCs and LP
  • Offshore accounts
  • Stock options and restricted stock units
  • Professional licenses and degrees
  • Art and antique collections
  • Trusts

High net worth divorces require a complete valuation of assets and a thorough review of tax liability so that parties understand the long and short term value of the assets being negotiated.