Matrimonial and Family Law

The Matrimonial and Family Law Practice Group at Bleakley Platt represents high net worth individuals and families whose situations require a sophisticated approach to an emotional and complex situation. Under the skilled leadership of an experienced practitioner, the firm represents clients across a broad spectrum of industries and professions, including finance, real estate, sports, entertainment law and medicine.

We have experience in negotiating and litigating cases which present intricate and specialized valuation issues. The firm is familiar with the particular needs of families that own privately-held companies and has worked with family offices and foundations.

New York is an equitable distribution state and courts have broad discretion in dividing marital property. New York's definition of marital property includes not only financial accounts, real estate, retirement plans, deferred compensation, stock options, businesses and similar assets, but also licenses, degrees and professional certifications. All of these assets require complex financial analysis and valuation. We have extensive experience in asset identification, analysis and division and are adept at structuring complex settlements or litigating all aspects of property disputes when necessary.

We also represent families in matters concerning child custody, with a keen focus on difficult issues such as relocation and parental access.

We regularly draft and negotiate prenuptial, postnuptial and paternity agreements.

The depth and breadth of experience at the firm allows us to offer a full span of private client services in matters involving estate planning, tax counseling, real estate transactions, executive compensation, employee benefits, and corporate and securities issues.

If you are contemplating a divorce action, a preliminary conversation with an experienced New York State divorce attorney will provide an opportunity to discuss your concerns and gain an understanding of the divorce process and life after divorce. If you have any questions or to make an appointment to meet with matrimonial attorney Gus Dimopoulos, please call 914-287-6161.