Information Technology and Cybersecurity

The attorneys in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity (“IT”) Law Group have extensive experience representing vendors, customers and other clients in connection with a wide variety of IT matters, including:

Privacy/Security Compliance - In the important area of privacy and security, we regularly assist clients in understanding and complying with the laws and regulations that affect the IT elements of their businesses, as well as in developing policies for protection of proprietary business information, managing security breaches, and conducting internal data security audits and responses to governmental audits of our clients’ systems and practices.

Litigation and Data Breach Response - Our IT group is experienced in handling litigation and arbitration matters arising from the development, licensing, use, and provision of IT. We also mobilize quickly to assist and advise clients in rapid-response situations arising from data security breaches, including customer and regulatory agency notifications.

IT System Procurement and Contracting - We welcome the opportunity to assist our business clients in creating Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals in connection with their IT needs, drafting and negotiating software license/development agreements, hardware procurement agreements, and related vendor service agreements, and in managing the administration of our clients’ IT hardware and software contracts and implementation strategies.

Website Development and Management - Our IT attorneys are well experienced in drafting and negotiating website development and enhancement agreements, including those relating to infrastructure requirements and e-payment platforms. We also provide one-stop advice in connection with website terms and conditions of use, compliance, intellectual property protection, infringement issues, and compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act safe harbors to avoid copyright infringement claims.

Trade Secrets - We regularly counsel clients regarding safeguarding confidential business information, including drafting Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect information disclosed to employees, independent contractors and other third parties.

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For any questions regarding the IT Law Group at Bleakley Platt, contact Partners Richard Markert (914) 287-6181 or Thomas Bailey, Jr. (914) 287-6127.