Criminal Defense and Investigations

The Criminal Defense and Investigations Practice Group has a proven track record of advising and defending clients in connection with a broad range of matters pertaining to criminal practice, including:

  • Subpoenas
  • Grand jury investigations
  • Plea bargaining
  • Pretrial proceedings
  • Trials
  • Appeals

Our practice covers federal, state and local criminal matters, and we enjoy an excellent reputation with these prosecuting authorities.

We recognize the devastating impact a criminal prosecution or investigation can have on those charged or targeted, and we are accessible at all times to our clients throughout the ordeal of a criminal matter.

Our experienced and highly skilled practice is devoted to the meticulous review of all factual and legal aspects of each case. Our thorough preparation and creative analysis enable us to provide both wise counsel and a vigorous defense to each of our clients throughout every stage of a proceeding, from investigation through final appeal.

In addition to representing defendants in criminal prosecutions, our Criminal Defense and Investigations Group also has extensive experience representing victims of and witnesses to criminal offenses. To those victims and witnesses, we provide both experienced and compassionate counsel as well as assistance in dealing with prosecuting authorities.

White Plains Criminal Defense and Investigations Lawyers


Mary Anne Wirth
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Mary Anne Wirth