The Appellate Practice Group prosecutes and defends civil and criminal appeals at all levels of federal and state practice. As litigants negotiate the unique procedural and substantive challenges of an appeal, our mission is to guard our clients' successes or overturn adverse decisions. Our substantial appellate experience provides a critical edge to every client, be they appellant or respondent.

Our Appellate Practice Group attorneys provide a unique expertise and fresh perspective that is important in any appeal. In contrast to the role of the trial attorney who is expert at developing factual record, examining witnesses and persuading juries, the role of the appellate attorney has an entirely different focus. Appellate counsel synthesizes all of the evidence that was developed in the trial court, for the purpose of persuading appellate judges and then develops and refines the legal arguments based upon that evidence.

Our approach is to first study the trial and any intermediate appellate record in detail. We thoroughly analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of the case under current substantive law. Our attorneys then provide candid and objective advice and a legal strategy concerning the wisdom and practicality of pursuing or defending an appeal. We then apply ourselves to the critical task of drafting a concise, well-written, appellate brief that presents our client's legal arguments in the most favorable light. When oral argument is required, one of our experienced appellate attorneys will argue the case.

We also welcome appeals referred by members of the profession, which is often sought in cases where another firm's client seeks different, or additional, appellate counsel for various reasons. We are available to provide advice and consultation in on-going appeals, and to perfect or defend an appeal from the outset.

Bleakley Platt is committed to our clients’ success and believes that in some instances, an alternative fee arrangement may be preferable to a traditional hourly fee structure. Such arrangements require approval by the Firm’s management.  To learn more about the Firm’s policy regarding alternative fee arrangements, click here or speak with a partner. 

For any questions regarding our Appellate Practice Group, please contact Partner Susan Galvao at (914) 287-6193.