Alternative Fee Arrangements

With increasing sensitivity to the cost of legal services, clients often look for alternative fee arrangements built upon structures other than a firm’s standard hourly rates.  Bleakley Platt recognizes the importance of flexibility, as different clients have different needs, and we are happy to discuss potential alternative fee arrangements with our clients.

In an appropriate case, if approved by the Firm’s management, such fee arrangements can include partial or full contingent fee cases in litigation; flat fees; discounted billing rates based on the volume of work; discounted rates with success fees; or monthly or annual minimum retainers and capped fees.   These fee arrangements may be considered for transactional work as well as for litigated matters. 

Based upon the nature and complexity of the matter, we assess whether an alternative fee arrangement may make sense for the client and the Firm on a case-by-case basis.  Our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients in a joint effort to obtain the best results for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.   We encourage our attorneys and our clients to think creatively about possible alternative fee arrangements for the Firm’s management and the client to consider. 

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of industries and legal areas.   We are committed to developing a variety of fee arrangements as we pursue the client’s objectives, and we are happy to consider any arrangement that balances the risks and rewards to the client and Bleakley Platt.