Real Estate Partner James Glatthaar in The New York Times

July 2015

James W. Glatthaar, whose real estate practice includes cooperative and condominium law and real estate litigation, was contacted by The New York Times to respond to a reader’s question. The issue centers around a co-op shareholder’s desire to withhold a portion of his maintenance fee because the co-op swimming pool will be closed for the season due to outstanding permits and needed repairs.  The property management company informed the shareholder that a collection company would be retained to recover any withheld amount. The question:  does the shareholder have any recourse?  Mr. Glatthaar’s response appears in the “Ask Real Estate” column in the Sunday, July 5 edition of The Times. To read a comprehensive discussion of this issue, please visit our Client Advisory page. Click here to learn more about James W. Glatthaar.